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The first platform enabling true adverstising transparency, for all PR, Marketing and Advertising professionals, locally, nationally and globally.

Media channel neutral targeted advertising

First step: 

Put in your demographic, Your geographic prefence, Prefered media outlet, Material, Budget and Account details. 

Lean back and let search, find and provide you with a set of discounted options, with an estimated ROI, within a few seconds. 

When you´ve found what you´re looking for, press "purchase" and let AcquireAds confirm purchase, transfer material, and hold your investment, until ad has been delivered. 

Second step: 

Compare estimated ROI with your actual ROI and share your knowledge through a secure and closed network, with other "unknown" but verified ad-byers and sellers. 

Competitive Pricing

Experience discounted and ROI-based ads in all media channels. 

Measure estimated ROI´s with your real ROI, and share your insight about each outlet, with other marketers. 

No set-up fees!

We´re completely media channel/outlet neutral.

We have a fixed fee per each transaction, at only 10% per transaction. 

At the same time, you´ll save between 4-40% per each transaction!

We´re completely FREE from media house control and media agency interests and bureaucracy. 


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All Media Channels

A one stop shop, with transparent ROI-estimates and maximum reach, for your targeted audience. 

Fixed Fee

No setup-costs

No hidden fees

Material and Data

Store all material at

Follow historic purchase data and compare current offers and ROI´s. 

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Share how you wish a neutral programmatic ad buying platform in all media channels could help you understand your full market potential, your targeted customers/clients, without the bureaucracy and conflict of interest, from media house´s advertising agencies and other media agencies. 

AcquireAds is a free standing platform, aiming to revolutionize the advertising industry, through a transparent and neutral platform for programmatic Ad buying and selling, in all media channels.

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